Province: Toamasina (Tamatave)

Area: 140,000

Protected area status: National park

Year established:

General location: Northeastern

Location and Access: 80 km north of Tamatave and 100 km south of the Bay of Antongil.


Average temperature: 19-26�C

Elevation: 0 to 400+ m

Precipitation: 300 cm

Description: Mananara-Nord consists of both a terrestrial reserve and a marine park. The land component is made up of biologically-rich lowland tropical rainforest, while the marine park is home to coral reefs.

Birds: 77
Lemur species: 13 (including the aye-aye and the indri)
Rodents: 17


Species: 1200+

Dominant ethnic group(s): Betsimisaraka

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Additional notes: Mananara-Nord includes 1,000 ha of marine reserve

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